Why Outsourcing Website Maintenance Can Help Your Website Grow?

While working on your website, you need to keep it under constant check to ensure a long lasting impression on your target audience. However, maintaining your website is not as easy as it looks like. What’s a better solution to this? Let’s find out!


There is no doubt about the fact that the key to a successful website is having active website support and maintenance. A top-ranking website abides by the following checklist:
1. Custom web design
2. Interactive UI
3. Free from broken links
4. Regular maintenance and timely updates
5. Updated content
6. Faster loading speed
If our website fails to maintain all of this, it will affect the overall traffic of your website and you will end up losing a lot of potential customers. As a website developer, you need to have weekly, quarterly, yearly targets that you need to achieve in order to keep up with the smoother running of your website. While a lot of entrepreneurs choose to monitor their sites themselves, you may as well get it done from website management outsourcing companies. Doing so will save a lot of time and efforts and you can use that time expanding your business.
This blog explains what are the impact of outsourcing website management and how can it benefit you and your business.

What are the Proven Security Tips for IoT Networks?

Just like Blockchain, IoT has become one of the most talked technologies across the globe. Its potential to change the way we execute processes is highly commendable. But, do you think the technology doesn’t have any risk associated with it? The answer is a big NO!

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E-Commerce Trends in the era of 5G

With 5G about to kick in, we are here to witness the fastest connectivity that mankind has ever experienced. How is it going to benefit your E-Commerce business? Let’s find out.

E-Commerce trends in the era of 5G

With a couple of months away from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the world is going gaga over the advancements and building up to the expectations of the upcoming era. While we are ready to enter the era of fastest internet connectivity, readily available uninterrupted internet access, and technological devices that were once a dream turning into reality all because of the evolving Artificial Intelligence.

With the 5G technology kicking in the tech revolution, it is surely going to set a major impact on internet commerce. While the tech heroes are yet to predict the future of 5G, let us understand what are the possible advancements of this bandwidth on the eCommerce trends.

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E-Commerce Audit – Why Does Your Store Need It?

An E-Commerce store Audit is basically a health check-up for your website. Check out why your online store requires an E-Commerce Audit and get one scheduled with Perception System.


If you are running an E-Commerce store, you are entertaining 70% of the world to buy products from your online store. However, you may or may not be getting the desired traffic to your store and the conversion rate is even less. With increasing competition from similar stores, Amazon or eBay sells almost everything, sustaining the market has become a greater challenge.
Under such circumstances, you need to assure a safe, engaging, and interactive session for your potential customers every time they go through your store. For this reason, you need to be certain that your website is well-optimized, and runs smoothly for the visitors while keeps them engaging with the user-driven content.

10 best tactics for boosting your ecommerce store conversion rate in 2019

Boosting your conversion rate doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a number of tried and tested tactics and most of them are relatively pain free. The key is in understanding why shoppers don’t convert and figuring out which of them you can address and which you can’t. Keep shops simple and clutter free, avoid distractions and make it easy for people to quickly, safely and knowledgeably make a purchase and you will start to see your conversion rates climb. This builds profits and benefits the business. But there are more specific ways you can boost your rate, and we take a closer look in this article.


You don’t have to be a techie to work out that the higher your conversion rates for your online shop, the better off your business will be. But turning leads and interest into sales can be a perplexing task. You can try and try, and yet sometimes those stubborn rates just don’t increase…Read More

What does a professional WordPress development workflow look like?

Software development workflow simply means a process involving some essential steps and typically followed by the most and in most cases. I am a seasoned WordPress developer and lead the WordPress development team in most of the projects for WordPress Development Services.

So, I am going to describe a common workflow for the professional WordPress development projects we used to follow at Perception System, San Jose, USA. Of course, we have the latest development methodologies in place, and we follow an appropriate method as per the needs of the project. Besides these, we have the latest development infrastructure and required tools to meet any scale of needs diligently…Read More