Why You Need a Magento Christmas Holiday Support & Maintenance Plan in 2018?

Every online merchant wants to immerse into the core holiday sales activities. They wish to run the storefront smoothly and productively during the peaks of holiday sales traffic. Let’s see how it is possible in this Infographics.


If you want to save your Magento store from technical glitches and want to focus on your holiday sales related core activities, PerceptionSystem, Magento Experts are offering highly comprehensive and flexible Magento support & maintenance packages. Check it thoroughly and ask for customized packages if you do not find the right one for you.

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Why Magento support and maintenance plan is essential for Christmas holiday 2018

Every online Magento merchant is eagerly waiting for the onset of upcoming holiday sales at the end of 2018. However, the success of the holiday season depends on several things, but Magento support and maintenance plan by a reputed team like Perception System, USA is a highly impactful idea. Let’s see how.



Christmas holidays are already knocking the door, and it is high-time for e-commerce stores to be ready to combat the holiday spikes in every aspect. If your Magento website is aged and deteriorating gradually, thinking of the redesign is an excellent way.

If you have created it or redesigned it within the recent past, looking for a best Magento support & maintenance plan for your Magento eCommerce is inevitable. If you ask me why it is mandatory to subscribe to holiday support and maintenance plan even earlier, I will give you answers with my following logic.

To Combat with Magento Hosting Issues

Hosting and network related issues such as server slow down/downtime, network clout, or a crash are never respecting your holiday season. They can strike at any moment and in any form.

When cloud hosting started to getting momentum, our assumptions were to have uninterrupted hosting services. Unfortunately, recent breakage in Amazon Web Services has wiped off all aspirations of Magento merchants to consider the cloud is hosting the safest and reliable option. What we need is to watch the clouds with unblinking eyes. If you have own hosting infrastructure or subscribed a dedicated hosting plan from private hosting services, still you need robust monitoring.

Are you able to set a technical team to monitor your Magento hosting server or cloud constantly? Do you have time to go DIY way? Perhaps, never because your core activity is to deal with strenuous holiday sales activities. So, what is the solution? I think it is a right support and maintenance service provider with all nuts & bolts to mend it or save your store right before anything unwanted happening with your e-commerce hosting. It is Perception System, San Jose in California, USA to aid you during your holiday season 2018.

The Magento expert team at Perception System has automated & manual monitoring tools/techniques to watch your Amazon Cloud or any hosting service you have. The team will check system status, instant status, alarms, events, logs, and scripts using automated software/tools.

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5 Essential Software Development Metrics Every Agile Leader Needs

Perception System, California favors high standards in agile software development methodologies, and it only comes through constant monitoring using right metrics. Let’s learn those essential metrics._ 

The evolution of Agile Development method has become popular among small to mid-size software development company. If you have a target to achieve gradual improvements in your agile software development, the following are crucial metrics, which can help you a lot. The following five Agile Software Development metrics are aligned the most with standard Agile Manifesto.



If you are interested to know the details of essential software development metrics, please come in touch to the Agile Development Team at Perception System, San Jose, CA, USA.


by Moses Aaron

How to handle challenges faced by start-ups when developing mobile apps

As a start-up, a successful app is a great way to make a name for yourself quickly. But it is not quite as easy as all that. There are a number of obstacles that stand in the way of your success.


An Overcrowded Marke

If you’ve ever been to an online app store then you’ll know that there is not just an app for everything, there are at least two or three. All of these apps are jockeying for position, desperately trying to be the one that breaks out and makes it big. So, one of the biggest challenges for any startup is to stand out.

Even if you create a great app that offers something a little different, getting the attention of the people that matter or distinguishing yourself from the thousands of other apps all making big promises is easier said than done. The best way to try and stand out is to try and think about the needs of the end user. Apps that serve a genuine purpose or that offer to solve problems are generally more successful.

To connect with the right people, you first need to identify who they are and then work out what language they best understand. Making your product appeal to those who might want it is half the battle.

Funding and Money Matters

Developing a usable app can cost anything from £1,500 to £150,000, with even more costs associated with marketing and branding. All of which means that start-ups can often find it prohibitively expensive to develop the app they have been planning. As we mentioned above, competition is rife in the world of apps, which means competition for the necessary funding is just as fierce.

You can appeal for direct finding from partners or go down the crowdfunding route. However you choose to do it, you need to realise that without the required funding in place, you might well come up short. And that means all of your hard work could be in vain. It’s also worth remembering that these things almost always cost more than you imagine.

Device Compatibility

The world of apps operates across a range of devices, each with a different set of rules and programming requirements. Your new app will have to work on smartphones as well as it does on tablets. It will need to work on Windows, Mac OS, Android and more. That’s because the more limited it is in its scope, the less chance of success you will have.

That means that you need to focus on responsive design, allowing your app to adjust to whatever platform it is being viewed on. You also need to make sure that your device is thoroughly tested and reaches the market in its best possible form. This will flag up any issues before your app hits the market.


When designing your app, it is sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. You become so involved in it that it is hard to step back and see it objectively. This all too commonly results in navigability issues. Because you are so familiar with your app and how it works, you might not realise that it is difficult to use and that working out how to get to where you want to be is not easy or intuitive for first-time users.

So, you need to focus on making your app as clear and easy to use as possible. Include a tutorial to help users get to grips with how it works. And add features that improve the usability of the app, even if that means sacrificing some of the aesthetic quality. Look around at other apps, use them and try and get a feel for what makes an app easy to use and what can be confusing.

Application Marketing, Branding, and Promotion

As a start-up, it’s unlikely that you’re going to have a huge budget for marketing or branding, so you need to be clever. Other larger companies out there will have the resources to brand and market their apps, and you will often be directly competing against them. You can’t afford to get swallowed up and lost in the already overflowing marketplace. So think about how to make your content stand out.

You will need to have a marketing strategy in place before you start. It’s not always enough to just rely on the quality of what you produce. If required, get some professional help on marketing or at the very least try and speak to people who have previously successfully marketed their products.

App Performance and Battery Life

Once you have done all the hard work creating and designing your app, working through a very crowded marketplace and got your app into the hands of the consumer, the last thing you need is for it to be full of bugs or eat up so much battery that people don’t want to use it.

The challenge is to come up with apps that perform at every level, which includes consuming little battery and running without crashing. You need to be aware that although your app needs to look good, too many visual effects and fancy animation can eat up a lot of battery. And this can be a source of great frustration for the end user.

In Conclusion

Start-ups face a lot of challenges when creating mobile apps. And with a limited budget, small staff, and little experience, it is going to be very difficult to meet and overcome them all. However, that’s when doing your research really pays off. Set off on your project without having fully thought it through and you’ll meet obstacle after obstacle. Get a strategy in place and manage the project well and you will be prepared to hurdle every roadblock along the way. Check out the competition, figure out what is going to help you stand out, and plan a marketing and branding strategy that fits your budget and there is no reason you can’t be the next big thing in the world of apps.

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How can a custom software development company become a reliable partner to your company’s success? 

Business is moving at an incredible pace these days, which means there is pressure to look for ways to make your operations leaner and more efficient. There just isn’t the time to experiment with some projects or learn new skills. Sometimes it’s just better, easier and quicker to outsource. Rather than looking at this as an admission of failure or bemoan the lack of resources, you should learn to start seeing it as an opportunity to grow.

This could be just the injection of knowledge and expertise that your business needs to grow and thrive in a crowded market place. Outsourcing some of your operations to other companies with the knowledge and skill sets that you need allows you to distribute your assets in a more effective way. Choose the right partner and it could even be key to your success. Working with a suitable partner can complement your core skill areas, save resources, save time and build your product portfolio.

One of the key areas where outsourcing can have the biggest effect on your business is with software development. This isn’t just a resource-saving option – although that can be a key part of it – but it can be a way to take your business to the next level. Here are just some of the ways that a partner software development company could be a benefit.

Seamless solutions to specific needs

An effective software development partner should be able to work closely with you and partner on your projects in the most seamless way possible. It is an obvious concern for some businesses that partner companies won’t be able to fully integrate or understand your business’s core needs. But a professional software company not just understands the technical side of the industry but also recognises the need to communicate and collaborate, fitting nicely into the routine and working practices of the client’s organisation.

Enhancing integration

Any new software or technology that a company chooses to implement can throw up a range of issues. For a company with little or no experience implementing these kinds of systems, this can potentially be a huge problem.

Partner with software professionals and you can improve the integration of any new system. Whether it’s for accounting, stock management, IT or communications, there are software packages for all areas of business that could help you to work smarter and slicker.

UX design
Whether it’s for internal or external customer-facing use, the most critical factor of any business is the user experience. How easy is it to navigate and find what you want? How does the platform perform and are there glitches causing issues? Working with a team of professionals you are far more likely to be working with software that is UX designed and tested.


Creating a consistent image that runs through every aspect of your business and conveys your goals, personality and influences has become increasingly important over the past few years. Customers begin to build emotional ties with your brand and relate to the visual aspect of everything you do. This means that every aspect of your business, including any software you use, needs to be branded in line with your overall design policy. A reliable partner will be able to develop an understanding of your brand and work out when and where it is necessary to use these tools.


This is another key issue for many small businesses dealing with technology and software. What happens when things go wrong? Who do you turn to for help when things are not working in the way they should? Sure, there are after sales support teams in place for most software packages, but how much support can you get from a chat function or call center? If your site or systems go down, you need immediate support to get it back on track before it starts to affect your business in a negative way.

Working with a software development specialist, you have a team of skilled and experienced people on hand to resolve any issues should they arise.

Enhanced protection

Safety and security are also key to business success. Both in terms of your own data and information, and those of your clients. Any breaches can be very damaging for your reputation and potentially cause lasting damage to your business. Working with a software development team you get the added bonus of tighter security measures. This enhanced security can be a real bonus and great for peace of mind.

Cut Costs

You have to invest to get a return. It’s the basic principle of business. Yet you often hear small business owners complain about the costs of outsourced support. But the reality is that with the right help you can really make big savings in the long run.

The bottom line

Finding a development company that can provide all these services and more will save you a huge amount of time and money in the long run. Working with a trusted team gives you access to a motivated and like-minded group of people who understand what it is you are trying to achieve. Skilled software designers can work with all types of businesses, big or small, modern or traditional, to engage and connect with any project they undertake.

To find out more about what we do, visit our software development service provider page. If you partner with us, it could be one of the best decisions you could make for your business. We offer a distinct set of business advantages, ranging from lower costs and quick delivery to a very high quality of service. If you have no desire for further in-house recruitment, a shortage of the right skills or a lack of infrastructure, then this could be a decision that makes perfect sense. We offer a comprehensive skill set including project management, maintenance and support to a high level. We use the latest technology and offer competitive prices too.

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Why React Native a correct choice for your next startup mobile?

Mobile app development community is more inclined to React Native framework compared to other JS framework today. It spurts a question in mind that why mobile app developers are now favoring React Native for startups app development. Let ’s find a legitimate answer of it in the current post.


by Moses Aaron

An Unending Debate

We all, since a half decade, have learned the pros & cons of the cross-platform/hybrid app development process and native platform process. Repeating the same seems silly here.

Albeit, React Native is an excellent choice among all present cross-platform mobile app development technologies where compromise with quality remains almost nil and trio of quality with time-to-market, and reduced cost maintained superbly.


A Little Bit about React Native

JavaScript is signifying its presence in mobile app development niche since the inception of hybrid app development technologies and frameworks like Titanium and PhoneGap. Impressive upping of JavaScript libraries have led us from hybrid to cross-platform frameworks with new highs in bringing native-like experiences on the table.

The journey started from Angular JS in Ionic and today every mobile app developer opts to learn React Native framework for cross-platform app development. Thanks to Facebook, which has a carved footprint of the framework on mobile application landscape. Of course, the community of talented developers has fostered it in the open source arena.

Apart from Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Airbnb, and UberEats like giants and other more than 1,000 mobile apps have used React Native framework for their innovative app concept and functional app development.

Amazingly, the majority of apps are from startups and validating the fact that startups are showing great adaptability besides enterprises. It demands deep thinking about why startups love React Native out of a big pool of the latest JavaScript frameworks and their powerful libraries.


Valid Reasons for that Startups Should Use React Native

If I am going to list the reasons in favor of React Native, the list may be a big one, but here, I am going to cite a few significant only.


Code Once and Cover Major Mobile OS Platforms

Initially, Facebook has iOS platform in mind to gather React Native development team to work on an innovative framework concept. After seeing great success in the iOS app, Facebook has instructed the same React Native developers to extend their JS libraries to support the Android platform.

It means the same libraries are rendering mobile UIs for iOS and Android both with a single code base. Moreover, the same team also is working to give the framework compatibility for Windows and tvOS. In sum, single codebase saves time and resources of app developers without any compromise on app quality and cross-platform support.


Advanced yet Easy Code

Have you ever dive into Java/Kotlin and Objective-C/Swift for native app programming? Daunting indeed. Against those complicated programming technologies, JavaScript is damn easy to go for a novice to seasoned mobile app developers.

Moreover, React Native has improved code that has characteristics of low coding. Code lines are a few in numbers and shortened in length. It immediately cuts the time for testing and overall time-to-market.


Reusable Native Components

Previously, cross-platform developers were relying on WebView components to supplement the functionality of native components in hybrid app development. Fortunately, in React Native, counterparts of native iOS & Android components are existing.

Those also are available as reusable components that can supplement all expected functionality for native-like mobile experiences. For instance, look-n-feel, speed, and other essential functionality of a native mobile app.


No Rewriting for Existing Apps

If an existing app made & running on any native or cross-platform framework, and you think to switch to Native React framework, it might not be a tough overhaul. It is because Native React library supports the incorporation of Native React components directly into the existing code with a nice plugin and save from the rewrite of the code from scratch.


Hardware Compatibility with  3rdParty Plugin

For hybrid or cross-platform apps, hardware support from the devices running on different mobile platforms like iOS and Android is a big issue. It is because hybrid apps are browser/WebView-based where performance is a hindrance.

With React Native, your app does not solely rely on WebView for certain native functions. Native React supports 3rdparty plugins using a native module. Thus, the app can access in-built hardware elements of mobile devices such as GPS, Maps, Bluetooth, touch gestures easily. It solves performance and user experience like issues forever.


UI Focused

Unlike Angular JS and Meteor JS JavaScript frameworks, React Native used to focusing on building mobile UI. Therefore, it seems more JavaScript library than a JS framework. It helps in building highly responsive and flexible/fluid mobile UI with seamless interaction thanks to asynchronous JavaScript working in the pure native environment. Thus, you can get high performance and quality cheaply.



We can say that React Native is capable of giving mobile app developers to gain an edge over the competition. It can help developers to attend much-needed trio-quality, timeline, and costs easily. If you are looking for the same trio for your next mobile app development project, Perception System is a known entity in React Native app development community in San Jose, California, USA.

A rich portfolio of React Native designers and developers at Perception System has astounding apps for the leading brands of the world using the React Native framework. Would you like to explore the portfolio and learn how we can help you with the same?

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