What Are the Best Companies for Offshore iOS Development, And What Should I Expect to Pay for Their Services?

iOs-26th Mar'18

We have been a leading business in the USA with Omnichannel presence including brick-n-mortar store chain, website, and now a mobile application on native mobile OS platform- iOS by Apple.

Our first choice for the mobile platform was iOS because we revealed that our majority of target audience possess iOS devices as the primary mobile device and location of our two-thirds of the audience is in the USA.

Profound Research for An iOS App Development Company

We conducted an exhaustive survey to find out the fittest iOS app development company locally and globally. We took help of local directories as well as international online directories to sort out right agency according to our set criteria.

Our Criteria & Expectations

We considered mix skill sets like web and mobile development because our existing web application needs seamless integration with a mobile app and our e-commerce website. Moreover, our cloud-based databases and back-end services were demanding real-time updates with mobile applications.

The complications were enough from tech point of view. For instance, apart from such variety of cross-platform integrations, we wish to offer micro-location based service using our Beacon installations in our brick stores.

Our target was to not only hire a boutique app development agency, but also a mid-category company with experiences on enterprise-level iOS app development.

Our Final Choice

One of our major concerns was to find a software development company in our vicinity so as to ease the process of dealing with them face-to-face and leverage their expertise on various fronts for a long run by building a long-term relationship.

From the Clutch & other local directories, we came across a company in our locality ideal for such tasks with a global presence and that is Perception System Pvt Ltd.

Of course, there are hundreds of companies located in ‘Silicon Valley’ with a global presence, and you can find them via online directories, but as per our criteria, we were lucky enough to get an excellent choice in the form of the Perception System.

We have gone through their profile and started direct dialogues with their marketing team. During frequent conversations, we realized that company has an origin in Ahmedabad, India, and partnered with a local USA company on all fronts.

An International Company in the USA

Their international operations are being managed by the USA team, with the technical labs located in India. Thus, it offers dual advantages of global to local outsourcing.

Rich Portfolio

We have gone through their iOS App Development Portfolio and asked the hidden projects, which many B2B clients never like to publish on their official website. Moreover, we also requested them to provide contact details for some selected patrons to verify the things in reality.

We also examined many excellent projects related to:

  • iPhone app development
  • iPhone game development
  • iPad app development
  • iPad game development
  • Apple Watch extensions
  • IoT application development
  • Location-based iOS app development
  • Virtual Reality app & game development
  • iOS Chatbot application development

Tech Expertise & Experiences

We were impressed with their wide range of technical expertise and experiences in traditional as well as upcoming technologies. Their command on various SQL and NoSQL database management was praiseworthy.

They have excellent UX developer, cloud service experts, and embedded technology experts to deal with any scale of iOS app development. If your needs meet with ours, giving a try to the team of iOS developers or hire iOS developers from Perception System for the phenomenal mobile app and website development experience.

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