Which software company provides taxi booking software development services?

We are a USA-based company working in Web design & development field.

One of our local clients has developed an online taxi-booking website with a web application working in the background.Uber banner

The overall layout of the site and business functionality was following Uber model.

The business grew up rapidly,and the same client has consulted us again for a mobile application integrated with the existing web application and its databases, so the same website functions in the coordination of mobile application.

Our Research for a Right Match

We have run target audience research and analyzed the user-base of the business. We conclude that most of the users were either using iOS devices or Android devices even access their website.

During questionnaire, we found out that the native mobile user experiences are an outstanding demand from the majority of respondents. Therefore, we have finalized to go ahead with both native platforms for separate apps instead of a cross-platform app with a compromise on UX.

The results indicated towards a higher demand for native mobile user experiences, leading us to proceed with both native platforms for separate apps instead of a cross-platform app with a compromise on UX.

Now, we have started looking for a dependable company that has proven expertise and experiences on the same degree of complex app development on iOS and Android platforms.

Being a B2B client, we have a list of local and global companies with a proven record in the market and personal experiences on several web and mobile app development project. We have started inquiries with following top five companies to find the right match.

  1. Inflexion
  2. SourceBits
  3. Perception System
  4. Hidden Brains Info Tech Pvt Ltd
  5. Konstant Infosystem

After several brainstorming sessions and exchanging quotes for the project, we have finalized the deal with Perception System. It is because the company has all requisites to meet our and our client’s demand including budget, time-to-market, and user experiences.

Perception System a Final Choice for Our Taxi Booking App Development

Fortunately, our face-to-face meeting at their USA-based headquarter proved encouraging, and they have delivered an awesome taxi booking app for both, iOS and Android platforms within given deadline and budget.

Taxi Booking App

They have provided us two separate apps for each (iOS & Android) platform working in combination with each other with following primary features.

  1. Passenger App for passengers looking for a taxi.
  2. Driver App for registered drivers ready to serve passengers.

Passenger App Features:

  • User Profile/Login page | Booking interface | Select Car Type
  • Fare calculator | Rating and reviews | Pickup Location
  • Payment Integration | Push notifications | Live Tracking
  • Ride History | Payment
  • Split the bill | Wait list | Free in-app calls

Driver App Features:

  • Driver profile | Navigation | Booking
  • Status | Analytics Kit | Booking History
  • Communication Channel | Workforce reduction
  • Quick marketing

Services Integrated:

Outstanding Experiences and Offerings from Perception System

They have collaborated with our designing team for designing tasks and provided exclusive project management services using the latest project management software (PMS) and the latest communication channels.

  • The team has taken Agile Software development methodologies and the latest development strategies to deliver high-quality throughputs with the best client experiences.
  • Their expertise in backend integration of web application to mobile application was praiseworthy, and database management command was stunning.
  • They have provided integration of GPS and location-based service APIs for seamless user experiences across the devices.
  • The most outstanding part was the creation of admin dashboard.
  • They have integrated mobile backend with the web application backend and provided additional features for admin users to monitor and manage both types of apps, passenger app & driver app on both platforms.

In short, we were able to please our client with this B2B work and encourage to sign up for maintenance & support packages offered by the Perception System. Therefore, I recommend Perception System for your next taxi booking as well as other high-end and big scale mobile app development where expertise on the latest technologies and infrastructure with desired commitment is a need.

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