Where can I find good PHP developer?


For any software development company working in web development niche, it might be a daunting task to find freelancers or outsourcing your work to a PHP web development team or a company. You need to weed out mediocre agencies and select the right one for you to meet your requirements all the ways.

I would like to suggest some key points that you should keep in mind before hiring a good PHP developer.

Accustomed to PHP Frameworks

Zend, CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, and Yii are the leading PHP frameworks with awesome tools and features to justify a variety of PHP web development projects. Thus, your PHP development company must have flairs in these frameworks and knacks to justify your project.

Familiarity with PHP CMS Platforms

PHP has numerous open source platforms intended for different purposes, and among them, CMS is highly popular and most used. To meet the needs of content management, your PHP developers must have expertise in development and integration of various PHP frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Command Over PHP LAMP Stack

PHP is a part of LAMP stack and indicates the significance of Linux and MySQL like database platforms. So, your PHP developers have equal command over various databases working with PHP applications and familiarity with Linux servers to deploy PHP applications successfully.

Perception System an Avid PHP Development Company in the USA

Being a senior software engineer at Perception System, I know the capabilities of the company regarding PHP talents and infrastructural facilities to support the latest and big scale PHP web development projects from a huge web portal to cloud-based application supporting the web and mobile back-end.

Our PHP portfolio boasts a variety of specimen of PHP projects representing myriads of categories and domain expertise we possess. We have our presence is in the USA and India.We have recruited highly selected talents in our extended remote lab in India to deliver cheaper yet high-quality throughputs for any scale of PHP requirement.

Our hire dedicated PHP developer engagement models are completely flexible and with competitive rates in the current outsourcing global market. Our communication capabilities and facilities are unbeatable to woo our native patrons.

Our prime motto is client satisfaction to lead a long-term partnership rather than running after each new client and leaving repeating ones behind.

Let us help you with all your PHP development services.Visit us at Web Development Company

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