Future of Mobile App Development

With the increase of mobile users in the market, the future scope for mobile app development and developers seems to be vast.For instance, trends like Artificial intelligence, IoT, Augmented reality don’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon.However, there are other important and upcoming trends as well which offer tremendous scope to mobile app developers, some of them being:

mobile app

  • Wearable Apps: The growth of IoT and AI highly depends on penetrations of wearable devices in mainstream usage.Advantages of advancements in wearable technologies are immense. At present, the dominance of wearable in healthcare and fitness, as well as sports industry, is revealed, and many more domains are also exhibiting its growth.

  • Cloud-based Apps: Cloud computing and its relevant services are getting high adoption in mass usage, and its consumption model proves highly cost-effective for long run and big scale operations.

  • Mobile Payments: Monetary transaction on mobiles is a sensitive issue from a security point of view.Recent development in security technologies has enabled mobiles to get significance in financial and commercial activities…Read more…

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