7 Mind Numbering facts about WordPress to Promote Digital Signage Content and Templates

You’ve used WordPress for a site builder and blog builder, however, with the progression of WordPress CMS platform, a business can manage their electronic displays. The endeavor of WordPress into the world of digital signs is an additional advantage aimed at advertisers.

by Moses Aaron

As we know by now, digital signage is the technology of the ear which is taking the marketing process by storm. In the last couple of years itself, we have seen a huge hype in digital signage, which was previously used only by medical facilities, corporate businesses in their premised, or banks or financial institutions only.


However, now digital signage is a very common sight anywhere and considering the current trend, digital signage market may grow bigger in the coming few years. As per a Gartner study, digital signage industry is expected to be worth about $24 billion by the year 2020. Digital signage is also made much easier nowadays and affordable to even small businesses with recent technological developments in this sector.


Ongoing production or dynamic display content, which is the major challenge in making display signage successful, too is possible now with the help of Content Management Systems. One of such CMS, which seamlessly support digital signage technology is WordPress.

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