Use React Native Goodies Else Fail!

Cross platforms are great to save time and bring consistency in the development of business apps and sharing a common code base, whereas Native mobile OS platforms deliver high-quality apps with excellent user experiences and best performance.

Just like other mobile app development team, we at Perception System also looking for the ways to create app fast, quality app, and expect the best performance. It leads us to experiment various technologies, tools, and techniques.

Constraints of Native App Development:

Unfortunately, each mobile OS platform has own sets of programming technologies, hardware requirements, tools, and skill set. Thus,

  • You need to create a separate app for each platform using respective native technologies. It means if you go for the major platforms, you will have three apps, one for iOS, one for Android, and one for Windows Mobile platform.
  • You have to deal with three different skill sets (Developers). You need to invest in different infrastructures for each platform development.
  • You have to constantly struggle for consistency in code and synchronization of updates & upgrades.
  • Investing time three different coding also take huge when time-to-market is essential.

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