What are the best WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence?

WordPress is a great tool no doubt. We all know how much we have enjoyed and benefitted from WordPress as a web tool with the array of plugins it offers.

WordPress by its design is lightweight and designed to accommodate the best open source plugins while still delivering maximum functionality.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for all it’s worth have successfully made an in-road to the web. Web tools and software today have mostly been integrated with Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence indeed is the rave now in tech, as it has seen a great application in computer technology. We can find the application of artificial intelligence in apps, GPS devices, and computer devices.

When it comes to the applicability of artificial intelligence through plugins to WordPress websites, the functions and benefits are really enormous.

The first function and benefit of artificial intelligence to WordPress websites is that it literally makes your WordPress website smart, providing enhanced and better user experience for the website users.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning when applied to your WordPress website through WordPress plugins also help your website users to personalize their usage of your website.

Another benefit of artificial intelligence and machine learning is that it improves the speed of the website, making the website faster thereby increasing the loading speed of your website.

There are arrays of webmasters today who have really adopted the application of WordPress plugins which use artificial intelligence and that is developed by one WordPress plugins development company or the other in improving their websites.

We are going to critically examine 8 WordPress plugins which makes use of artificial intelligence and which you can apply to your website right away.

WordPress development services have really done a good job to bring us these 8 WordPress plugins.

The 8 WordPress plugins which use artificial intelligence which we shall be discussing are:

  • – Kindred Posts
  • – WordLift — AI-powered SEO
  • – Pareto Security
  • – Akismet
  • – WooCommerce Shop Assistant JARVIS
  • – Popup Maker — Popup Forms, Options & More
  • – Recomendo
  • – Quttera Web Malware Scanner

We shall now examine these plugins in detail.

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