Learn How Machine learning WordPress plugins can add value to your site

Today AI is rage and raised eyebrows of labor unions who look many jobs becoming obsolete in future. However, the core aim of AI is to replace humans where the danger lies ahead or highly repetitive jobs that humans hardly can do or prefer to do.

By the way, AI is not a future concept but today’s reality and new applications invented to aid in the evolution of human race. Technically, Machine Learning is a subset of AI and mostly thrive on the web today. It facilitates machine to learn from experiences and draw inferences based on it.

The ML concept is entirely different from the previous software because, before ML, the software was fed up the data and rules to operate. Now, ML enable those machines to set own rules and accumulate data to process on it like taking decisions or giving clues, and a lot much in respect.

Now, the question is that how to leverage ML capabilities in websites? It is the integration of APIs connecting remote Machine Learning engines to the back-end of the website whether it is WordPress or else through plugin or extension. Therefore, let’s discuss WordPress plugins that can add some values to your WordPress websites hence, in your business or profession.

wordpress plugin

Machine Learning Plugins for WordPress

WordPress rule over nearly 30% of the web, and it has credit to bear a big portion of traffic generated by the web through small websites to enterprise-grade web portals. Therefore, anything impacts the WordPress ecosystem directly influencing a big mass of the web users. Hence, if we introduce Machine Learning technologies in WordPress platform through the integration of extensions or plugins, we can rob following advantages instantly.

  • Improve WordPress search
  • Ease grammar and style checking
  • Show related content in right contexts
  • Enhance conversions
  • Boost e-Commerce sales

Thus, we can make WordPress sites faster, smarter, and personalized using the following selected plugins.


It adds structured taxonomy to your WordPress site and learns from repeated usage/experiences. It provides following benefits to the site:

  • It organizes the content better the way
  • Provides better search results
  • Generate contextual link lists and menus
  • Enhance usability and conversion rate


It is the product of IBM and provides cognitive artificial intelligence analyzing emotional impacts of content. Thus, you can improve user engagement through appropriate content by adjusting the emotional value.

After installation, it adds WatsonFind icon to your editor of WordPress back-end and provides you an emotional score of your existing content in a popup.

Live Chat 24-7

It is a Chatbot functionality and features adding plugin replace your human live chat staff to some extent. You can feed some basic Q-As and start functioning with it. After some experiences, it learns and eases your life.

WP A.I. Assistant

Its prime role is to provide personalized experiences to the site visitors. Thus,

  • It can guide visitors to existing and new products
  • Leads to valuable content.
  • Influence the buying decisions
  • Controls the conditional system to trigger a robust discussion with visitors
  • Impacts many actions and interactions

Primal for WordPress

It accumulates info regarding the subject matters of your content on WordPress site and offers unique, relevant content that matches the interest of readers. Moreover, it collects data about engagement and involvement level of users and customizes content based on those data.

Apart from these, there are many other Machine Learning and AI plugins that add tremendous value to your WordPress website and your business in return. Some of those plugins are:

  • WordLift
  • After The Deadline
  • Brainify
  • Mycurator Content Curation
  • Kinderd Posts
  • WordPress Music
  • Akismet
  • Quttera Web Malware Scanner
  • Automatic Alternative Textr
  • Google Language Translator
  • Related Posts for WordPress by Bibblio
  • Recomendo
  • WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration
  • The Client Relations Factory
  • Did You Mean

If you want to know more, you can contact the team of WordPress developers at Perception System to get familiarity with the entire subject and complete guidance to develop smarter WordPress site integrating available and most suitable WordPress plugins powered with ML & AI.

It is a fact that ML is rapidly growing area and only experiences, as well as expert WordPress developers with flairs in the latest and upcoming technologies, can justify you.


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