Which Is the Best SEO-Friendly Ecommerce Platform for Your Online Venture?

Today ranking in SERPs for any e-commerce business is on the top of expected features while selecting an e-commerce platform for the next project. The following post is giving some best clues for SEO features that you can look into an e-commerce platform and based on weighted ranking the selection becomes easy.


Today people have smartphones to access the Internet whenever and wherever they wish. It makes online shopping easy and convenient for shoppers and becomes the prime cause of the growth of online businesses of all kinds.

Looking at the bright prospects, online startups, established brick-and-mortar stores and Omnichannel businesses rush to find a right e-commerce platform that enables them to develop an e-commerce website to hit success easily.

The significance of SEO in Success of Ecommerce 

Unlike brick stores, attracting online traffic demands altogether different marketing approaches and tactics. If you look at the e-commerce source data on the web, you will find that more than half of your e-commerce traffic comes from organic search.

It means search engines prove the biggest source of your traffic hence your revenue. For the organic traffic, a ranking of your website on SERPs for your major business keyword is a determining factor that how much you gain. The more top positions your keywords attain in the SERPs, the more traffic and conversion your e-commerce store will have.

Selection of Best SEO-friendly E-commerce Platform

Keeping the simple equation in mind, e-commerce startups and merchants tend to select the best SEO-friendly e-commerce platform right from the beginning. Today we have plenty of e-commerce platforms available on the web claiming to be SEO-friendly and confusing startups and brick store merchants to select the right one.

Majority of them depends on their developers to make a choice and developers have a hard time to make a right decision for an aligned or less known business with a handful of information.

Therefore, wise people always advice to do it yourself (DIY) by getting enough information to make a right decision. Now, you have to decide eCommerce website features thateCommerceh SEO-friendliness at first glance, and you need to search the availability of those features in your selected eCommerce platforms.
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